Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Prison is a place for people who have a problem obeying the law!!!

I've just finished watching 30 Days on More 4. For those who are not aware of who it is written by I'll enlighten you. It's author and 'star' (if you can call him that) is film maker and arch Liberal Morgan Spurlock. In this particular episode Spurlock spent 30 Days in a Virgina Prison. You can probably guess how the show went.......... Just quite how Morgan Spurlock has been allowed to find an international platform for his Liberal views is quite astounding. No wonder the world is in such a mess when people like this are allowed to air their views.
Prison is a place for people who have a problem with abiding by the laws of society. Those who commit crimes do not deserve to 'see a tree' or have a shit in private. Prison is a punishment not a holiday. I for one am glad that America still has a justice system which delivers just that justice. The Liberals have already hijacked the UK system lets not see the same happen in America. However, I for one am not optimistic, following last week's results in the mid-terms, i'm sure we'll be seeing mints on the pillows of prisoners before we know it.
God help us all

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