Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ruining the Economy

The CBI has brought into the limelight the fact that public sector workers are currently paid, unjustly, 15% more than private sector workers. Ridiculous, I’m sure you would agree!

When we consider that 1 in 5 people are [unnecessarily] employed by the public sector, and that public sector pay accounts for over a quarter of all public spending, we can start to see the massive waste of our hard earned taxes.

Total spending in the 2006 Budget was £552Billion, so if we simply brought all public sector employees pay in line with the market levels, a saving of around £27.6Billion could be made.

Another result of these artificially high wages is that the best talent is being lured into the public sector and away from the jobs that can positively affect the economy in the private sector.
This Labour government is damaging the economy just as much as any previous Labour government.

The private sector could be better trusted to run many of the operations our tax is wasted on and give a better price for it too. The savings made could even plug the hole in public sector pensions (up to £1Billion) AND pay our national annual council tax bill (£22Billion)!

This is just the surface of the waste in the ‘New Labour’ system.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Scumbag Labour councillor exposed

I have always enjoyed reading Labour blogs. The level of intellectual reasoning is so dire that it makes me chuckle out loud! As for the sentiments expressed, well let us be frank, they are pretty inconsistent.

However, the prize for biggest twat goes to a nonety from somewhere called Sandwell. His name is Cllr Bob Piper and his drivel-full blog has been running for some time. Readers of this, far superior, website will recall the disgust I showed towards that cringeworthy YouTube contribution from Sion Simon. On this he attempts to lampoon David Cameron's 'Webcameron' site by doing some turd of an effort himself. Cue some desperate attempt to remove the offending video, not before general ridicule from everyone.

I always thought there were more total c*nts in the Labour Party so egotistical to get attention as that prick Simon, and I have been proved right!

It appears as though Cllr Piper thought a spoof of David Cameron's 'Sort It' website (another somewhat tedious effort aimed at highlighting personal debt) displayed on an annonymous blog was worthy of being published on, er, his personal blog.

The spoof shows Cameron under the 'Sort It' banner having been blacked up like a minstrel. Several speech bubbles are illustrated coming out of his mouth phrasing several comments which are very near to the knuckle and, in some cases, outright racist.

He claims that it was a joke and an attempt to highlight Cameron's apparent hypocrisy when it comes to the Tories' attempt to attract black and ethnic voters. The problem is that he is causing the Labour Party some serious headaches of their own. You must remember this. There are countless other examples of how misguided, yet largely innocent, Conservatives have been hounded out of elected office by the hysterical rantings of politically correct Labour and Lib Dem politicians eagre to make a quick political buck.

Labour are now faced with the boot being on the other foot. Will they follow their own sanctimonious lead by suspending this buffoon, or will they do the hypocritical thing and let him get away scot free?

Whatever happens it is so satisfying to see Labour reap what they sow. Political correctness has bitten them on the arse.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Cameron is a year old today

Well, his tenure as Tory leader is. Like any one year old he is still fumbling around, trying to figure out just what this new world is all about. He had had the odd 'accident', in Cameron's case this is a load of shit photo opportunities and quite horrid incidents of vomit stained flirtings with the Grand High Witch of dumb liberalism, Polly Toynbee.

Every one year old is cooed at by people who don't really know them. Cameron is surely the same. No-one really knows what he is like of how he will turn out, they just see a fresh faced thing with pretty much a blank canvass behind him. This is all about growing up, and at one year old you have not done much of it.

The important years of growth, as anyone will tell you, is between the first and third birthday. By then there should have been some sizable diffences in perception. You should be beginning to think about crawling and then walking and you may just hear a coherant word or two.

Cameron has spent a year being cute and cuddly. People like him and the people who he is with. The BIG challenge for him now is to start growing from a blank canvass to something more substantial. Next year people should like Cameron for what he says, not what he looks like.

After being molly-coddled by PR gurus and spin doctors it is time for the real David Cameron to step forward.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Religious Courts Are Wrong

I was disgusted to see on Tuesday (28th November) that the idea of religious courts and in particular Islamic courts in the UK, are going to hear more criminal cases. I was even more disgusted to see that there is a Somali court in the UK that already hears criminal cases.

May I remind the muslims (because lets be honest it usually is muslims who don’t respect other countries laws) that if you live in the UK you have to obey the law of the land not some ridiculous, sadistic, Islamic law such as the inferior sharia law!!!

Then Aydarus Yusuf who is originally from Somalia but has lived in the UK for the past 15 years had the nerve to say that he feels more bound by the law of Somalia then he does by the law of the UK. I mean who does this man think he is??? If that’s the way he feels then why doesn’t he go back and live in Somalia?

I will tell you why. It’s because our government, police force and courts are too gutless to punish a muslim when he has committed a crime. Mr Yusuf knows this and that’s why he has stayed in the UK. Also he can take advantage of our overly generous welfare system something they don’t have in Mr Yusuf’s Somalia.

Anyone who argues that these courts are needed because of multiculturalism ARE WRONG!!! Multiculturalism in the western world has failed just look at 9/11 in New York, the train bombings in Madrid and 7/7 in London. The way forward is Norman Tebbit’s ‘Cricket Test’ and assimilation.

Let’s make no mistake here. The laws of the United Kingdom are sovereign in this country and they are the ONLY laws that should be obeyed.