Sunday, February 18, 2007

Some Decent Policies

The blog has been rather quiet lately so here is an offering:

David Cameron went on the BBC's Politics Show today and expressed his desire for directly elected police commissioners. I call this a step in the right direction, but we need to go further.

This will, to a degree, make Police Commissioners more accountble to the public they are protecting.

What is really needed is directly elected local Sheriffs and a sheriff's office to take over the CPS who are too lenient on criminals. This way, any Sheriffs who are too lenient on the scurge of society will be defeated at the ballot box. The public can then decide which sheriffs are doing a good job in protecting the area and reward them, whilst rejecting those who do a bad job.
This will serve to improve the local police forces and thier procedures.

Now all we need to do is cut the red tape and buraucracy the Police have to put up with - I read recently that an average police constable spends as much time filling in forms as he spends time on the beat!

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Isn't it sweet irony?

At a time where the Labour Party's best campaigning asset is about to be hauled before a jury isn't it strangely ironic that the party is verging on bankruptcy? What a wonderful example of chickens coming home to roost the current shambles in the Labour Party is.

The honours bestowed to all of these rich businessmen may have bought them some short term extravagance, but now Labour are about £42million in debt, with no sign of them being able to pay them off. Imagine if Labour had have gone about accruing their campaign finance in a more appropriate way. They wouldn't be in the shit with the police and businessmen wouldn't be closing their wallets with the current gusto.

Let's be honest, the Tories were never going to win in 2001 or, for that matter, in 2005. Labour could have spent a tenth on electioneering at these two general elections and still won, such was the utter shambles of their main opponents. Lord Levy really didn't need to break the law (allegedly, of course) in order to secure a Labour government.

But now they have gone and truly fucked their chances of beating David Cameron now. Come the next election Labour may well have scraped together enough from the Unions to fight a perfunctory campaign. But with the Conservatives reputedly building up an enormous warchest it is inconceivable they would be even close to matching the Tories' spending. Labour are probably onto a hiding in 2009 or 2010 anyway, but the scale of any defeat will probably bankrupt the party.

Then they will have no alternative. With business and private contributions probably a thing of the past (and they will be when the Tories win... no-one likes backing a loser and in opposition you are classed as having totally lost) Labour will be forced to go cap in hand to the trade unions once more.

Perhaps we are seeing the death knell of New Labour.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

They're fucked

The net is closing in on Tony Blair. For a second week in a row a big Labour name has been nicked by the police in connection with the 'cash for honours' scandal. This time it is a familiar name to those following this disgraceful act of constitutional theft. Lord Levy, the guy Blair used to raise the millions which elected him to high office, has been re-arrested by Scotland Yard. It is surely curtains for him, but I am sure the big prize is just round the corner.

Blair must have known about the sale of honours to those who gave his party the vast sums of money he needed to win three elections. How could he not? The question is whether he lied to the police when volunteering his knowledge last year. If he did, and it appears the police think they have found something critical with the re-arrest of Lord Levy, then he could be facing a 7 year stretch inside for perverting the course of justice.

Wouldn't that be sweet redemption for a man who claimed to be 'whiter than white' to get elected, only to be turgid in the depravity of sleaze he has bestowed onto politics.

People say that the Tories were just as bad when they were in office. Detractors point to Jeffrey Archer, Neil Hamilton, 'cash for questions', Asil Nadir. What I would say is that these were comparatively minor scandals involving minor politicians. No cabinet minister in John Major's government was ever up to their necks in as much shit as Blair and his grotesque rabble of greedy Labour cabinet ministers are now. When did Major have to answer police questions? When did cabinet ministers have to quit because they were accused of giving away passports and work visas to nannies or friendly businessmen?

No, Labour have been the equivilent of the anti-christ when it comes to virtuous public service. After spending so long moralising in the 90's they certainly deserve it. Politics has, however, taken another groundshaking body blow as the public's perception of politicians gets ever worse.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Why am I not surprised?

Another Labour hypocrit who thought the law doesn't apply to him. This time it is an MP who spent his time in Parliament sanctimoniously lecturing motorists about the evils of drink driving. He is, of course, quite right. Drink drivers are scum who put lives in danger. When convicted of being under the influence of booze drivers should have far sterner sentences meted out to them.

I do hope, therefore, that Des Turner, the Labour MP for Brighton Kemptown, gets the sort of treatment his 'campaigning' promotes. The funny thing is the wheeling out of the typical Labour excuses. He made a misjudgement... only had one glass... would have passed a blood test...


Friday, January 26, 2007

Come on, John, the game's up

I have never really rated John Reid. Every position he has held in the Cabinet has been an absolute, unmitigated, disaster. When he was Party Chairman Labour was mired in sleaze (very much the same as they are today!). When he was Health Secretary billions were lost in pointless re-organisations of the NHS. When he was in Northern Ireland as the Secretary of State there devolution had to be repatriated back to Westminster as Reid was unable to sort out the sectarian squabbling. Let's not forget his stint as Defence Secretary, where soldiers were sent out to die in Iraq and Afghanistan without working radios, desert sand boots or reliable guns!

John Reid is the very epitome of incompetence.

Now he is making a right royal fuck up of the Home Office. Everything that can possibly go wrong is going wrong. The department is falling apart and no amount of brazen apologies on the telly will stop the apparent slide into total anarchy. He was right when he said that the Home Office is 'not fit for purpose', but shouldn't he have extended this damning indictment to cover himself?

He is not the right man to sort out the prisons and keep the streets safe. He should resign now and put us all out of our misery.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Chicken Cottage's Snub to the Lord Jesus Christ

‘Al Chicken Ibn Cottage’ as it should be known has had branches spinning up all over Londonabad and the UK as well as the wider muslim world. What this company periodically fails to mention is that its food is halal, however the sinister side if this Corydon based company go far deeper than that.

Chicken Cottage is now on this Bloggs ‘don’t buy, don’t advertise’ list, right alongside McDonalds and for the same dark reasons, both restaurants have been feeding halal food to millions of unsuspecting non-muslims and, just as McDonalds funds the IRA Chicken Cottage also has links to both domestic and international terror. Its founder has been linked to wealthy Saudi backers, who intern, are known funders to Islamic terror groups.

The fact that innocent people are being forced to eat halal food is scandalous. In order for food to be considered halal it must be first offered up to the muslim sand god, before its throat is cut and it left to bleed to death, now this backwards practice may have been ok while we were cave men, or amongst foreign barbarian peoples, such as in the muslim lands but in the UK animals for slaughter should be stunned first before being humanely killed, once again the government issues one set of rules for one people and turns a blind eye to an other. ‘The brain is instantaneously starved of blood and there is no time to start feeling any pain,’ Quotes muslim council of Great Britain, well how would they know I wonder? But then again I suppose that if any group of people are to be qualified on throat cutting it would be the muslims!

I’m righting this because I‘m yet to see or heat any of our greasy dreadlocked far left animal liberation friends challenge this un-natural practice, as is to the eternal shame of the left as usual.

Another aspect of this company that I find deeply distasteful is the way it uses advertising to lure in unsuspecting non muslims to eat its foul cursed meat, a trip on the chicken cottage web site will illustrate what I mean. After opening go past the ‘kidz stuff’ propaganda section to the ‘franchise’ section, then click on ‘radio/TV ads’. There are three radio ads you can listen too, THE ONLY ONE THAT MENTIONS THAT THIS FOOD IS HALAL IS THE FIRST ONE WHICH IS IN A FOREIGH LANGUAGE!!! Not only that but the second one and the third adverts use CHRISTIAN FESTIVALS to sell their pagan products!!! As if that wasn’t bad enough the third advert futures three kings and Jesus Christ to sell halal food, I wonder what would happen if I were to open a Christian restaurant and advertise it via a mocking advert of muhammad? The terms Danish cartoons and Trafalgar Square instantly spring to mind. However, even though I am outraged I will do as the good Lord has instructed and turn the other cheek at this blatant attack upon the British way of life.

People we need to be smart, keep our eyes open, Britain is changing and we need to be ever more vigilant of those around us. So I’m asking you all to spread the word, to tell your friends that if they eat at chicken cottage then they are eating cursed chicken that has been sacrificed to the muslim god of sand, chicken that has been tortured to death and that part of their money has gone to fund international and domestic terror. Thanks to Lion Hart for his sterling work on this subject, we have all been warned!!!

Hillary Clinton - yes please!

Excellent news coming through from the US political scene. It appears that the Democrats will have the frontrunner for their nomination definately contesting the primaries after Hillary Rodham Clinton announced her intention to run. I am delighted with this news.

Hillary Clinton spent much of her time as First Lady to husband Bill making countless enemies, not just on the political Right either. Moderates dislike her shrill tone, her naked ambition to be president and the sickening use of power whilst at the White House she had neither earned through election or qualified for in talent.

She is a mediocre politician who has limited speaking and personal skills. Should the Democrats be stupid enough to elect her as their candidate (and let's be honest, anyone who thinks John Kerry could become president is surely somewhat dim) then the White House will stay in Republican hands for another two terms.

Bill Clinton was a politician, and a very successful one at that. Whether you agreed with his politics or not (and I certainly didn't) you couldn't argue that he was a formidable operator. He was a winner, someone who could inspire confidence from across the political spectrum. His wife is non of these. She is a dreadful political operator; someone who flip-flops on major issues so often she makes Kerry look like a conviction politician. Her voting record as New York Senator is far more liberal than the accepted norm of mainstream America. In short, she is a loser with terrible political judgement.

McCain, Giuliani, Romney or Gingritch will be salivating at the prospect of facing her should they gain the Republican nomination.

Fast Food Terror

For those of you who don't know, Chicken Cottage is fast food chain selling halal meat and is known as the Muslim fast food restaurant.

I was walking past Chicken Cottage the other day and it was empty (as usual) but then I suddenly notice that they had computers in this branch. I started thinking 'why do they have computers?'. I mean McDonalds doesn't have computers neither does Burger King, KFC or any other fast food company.

It then became obvious to me that the people entering Chicken Cottage and eating the cursed halal meat are Muslim and therefore it is very possible that they are terrorists and they use the computers so they can communicate with their terrorist colleagues without the fear of being traced via the IP address, (a problem these evil people would face if they were using their personal computer).

Lets be honest about this, we live in a dangerous world where these terrorists want to destroy us and then Islamify what is left. We must stop this!! That means, we the decent law abiding citizens of the world must try to put this terrorist organisation out of business. And when you next walk past a branch of Chicken Cottage remember to look in because the person at the computer could be the next Bin Laden.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Islam - The Truth

Hello everybody, today I'd like to talk to you all about Islam. Now I’ve been reading the Bible recently and decided that prophase, instead of just blogging about the dangers of islam i should actually talk to some young British muslims themselves about what it means to be a Muslim in the UK today and in which direction they think Islam is going to. I decided that I would use this opportunity to allow this sometimes misrepresented minority to have a voice, to give them the chance to call it as they see it. I'm afraid I have to tell you all now that what I fund out has deeply disturbed me and I’m sure it will leave you quite shaken too.

I decided to log on to one of the most popular mainstream youth sites, ‘Chat Islam’ (, where young adult British muslims often congregate, its meant to be for them to chat about 'youth issues' such as the pop charts or football, indeed there is a warning before you go in asking you not to talk about religion or politics, no doubt placed there by worried islamic elders to protect their young from radicalisation by al-Qaeda. (القاعدة)

So I started by asking them about the currant hot religious political topic, the demand for the new islamic Caliphate by Tablighi Jamaat (تبليغي جماعت,)

Constantine: hey is it true you guys want a caliphate from Spain to China?
MujahidUK: anyway
MujahidUK: Constantine
MujahidUK: the khalifat is coming
MujahidUK: allah hoo
MujahidUK: allah hooamani: in egypt it is
MujahidUK: wait
MujahidUK: yaseen
Constantine: why don’t you eat pork when god made pigs?
Yaseen: mawla yassalli wassali dahi man abadan
MujahidUK: Constantine
MujahidUK: the simple answer toi ur queston is
MujahidUK: its a commandment by allah
MujahidUK: yeah sadia
MujahidUK: insha allah
Yaseen: theword Allah shud be in capitals
sadia_K: Allah*
Constantine: allah or muhammed, not the same thing
Constantine: you'd be a lot happier if you were Christian
Constantine: for a start you could have a drink
sadia_K: nah not really constanine
Constantine: and stop being all angry all the time
aisha hayat: i was christian NOW im alot happier :)
aisha hayat: thats the english/christian mans answer to everything alcohol lol
constantine: aisha hayat, you are in big trouble, you’d better come back or go to hell
Yaseen: feel like i am uncivilised when asking
MujahidUK: has anyone heard of the poem of the mantle
Yaseen: brb
amani: what??
MujahidUK: qasidah burdah
yousuf: Constantine u better read about pigs meat in medical book
saisha hayat: lol i came to islam because i want to go heaven
aisha hayat: no use explaining to you let Allah do that on the day of judgement
yousuf: then u will come to know why it is prohibited
MujahidUK: ill point u to a wonderful nasheed
constantine: by following the anti-Christ you will not go to heaven
MujahidUK: ignore him
amani: i will
aisha hayat: lol i cant belive i was christian how deluded they all are
MujahidUK: type in
MujahidUK: qasidah burdah
MujahidUK: by memut kurtis

I think as many of you will all agree, most disturbing. It is clear that this is proof that the muslims want to take over Europe and declare the UK an islamic emirate, I entered this dialogue with our islamic youth with a genuinely open mind, I'm now left shaken to the core by what I’ve seen and herd tonight, I’m sure you all are too. The task ahead of us is clear, we need to protest our homeland and out children, but how we do it in a state where you can be dragged before a judge and jury just for recognising this barbarian expansionist sand faith, which is bent on the destruction of civilization, as 'wicked' I don’t know. I just hope we have all learned something from this tonight.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Labour cheek on the Union

Watching Question Time on the Beeb tonight has made my blood boil. Labour are persuing the attack on the Tories, accusing them of seeking to fracture the Union between England and Scotland.

What a cheek this is coming from a party that has done so much terrible damage to this 300 year historic marriage between these two proud nations. Labour forced the Scottish Parliament onto the Union, without calling for a referendum on the issue with every member of the UK (as they, constitutionally, should really have done). The Scottish Parliament has forged an unprecedented increase in the flames of Scottish nationalism. The Scots now have a sniff of self governance (something which English voters have not had) and now they want more.

North of the border the SNP have latched onto this in the sort of opportunistic way one would expect of a bunch of power hungry socialists. The Scottish Parliament has taxed and spent in such a profligate way that there has been an enormous 'brain drain' down south to England which has the unavoidable consequence of leaving the dumb, intellectually-light half breed remaining. These idiots have no recognition of how bad independence would be, but seem to believe that just because Mel Gibson painted the Saltaire on his face and slit a few extras throats (artistically, of course) in a Hollywood movie then Scotland should listen to the nationalists who are, rhetorically, doing pretty much the same.

Labour have crucified the Union over the last 10 years. Scottish devolution has failed miserably because English taxpayers are massively subsidising the Scots! Look at the Scottish Parliament costs themselves!! Ten times more expensive than originally budgeted for. Look at the resentment of English voters at the scandal of Scottish MPs being able vote on English matters, but English MPs not having any say in the Scottish Parliament!

No, Labour do not have any moral right to throw their weight, and accusations, around with their horrendous record of damage done to this proud nation.

Big Brother - Who the fuck cares?

I give less attention to Big Brother than I do to the turds flushing down my toilet. BB is the most pathetic excuse of a reality programme I have ever had the misfortune to suffer watching. What a shame that so many people are buying into what they read in trashy newspapers about racism directed towards an Indian actress.

Surely there are far greater news issues occupying peoples thoughts than some fat slapper trying to be clever taking the piss out of someone she is jealous about being extremely better looking than her? What about inflation soaring, or criminals escaping from prisons, or soldiers being killed in Iraq?? Why on earth are we looking at our news-stands choc full of headlines dominated by Big Brother, when so much else is happening in the world?

Could it be that in another week of dreadful news, both at home and abroad, the Labour Party are wanting to shift the debate and dump the bad news from front pages to avoid continuing the obvious embarrassment this dispicable government is going through?

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Happy 65th 'Muhammad'

Today I would like to wish Muhammad Ali a happy 65th Birthday, how ever I think this mans tale has messages for all of us today. 'I am the greatest' claims Muhammad Ali, undoubtedly he was a very good boxer, but as Jesus our lord, and the real last prophet said, 'Blessed are the meek', Meek Ali is not, neither is he blessed. Due to his turning to the foul prophet if islam, away from the love of God, and his constant jibing of the Christians has meant that this once great fighter has been struck down with the Shaking Disease which ironically enough means that while he continues to think of himself as the greatest, even a non boxer could now kick his ass in the ring, oh how the mighty have fallen I thought to my self, and there is no greater fall than the fall that pride (one of the 7 deadly sins) can induce. As the muslims say, الله أكبر الحمد لله
'Praise be to allah, allah is great.' Well the real God is indeed great and just, unlike this pagan sand deity 'allah', and has once again proven his power over all men, muslims and liberals reading this, you have been warned!!!

While I was talking this matter over with a friend he was concerned that I was using his muslim name of 'Muhammad Ali' instead of honoring the name his parents gave him, while this may be another attack if his ego I have decided to refer to him as 'Muhammad', this is a rule that I will apply to all 'muhammidan' converts.

While I'm always careful to separate religion from culture, indeed I am a fan of Arab culture and there are over 25 million Arab Christians (most living in South America, but the terrible reasons for this will be the subject of another blog at a later date). I think that it is important that if you are going to turn away from God and to embrace the anti-Christ then you should mark your self as such by taking its name, this will also aid the CIA when they do terrorist checks on plane passengers and warn others to ignore what ever these mad men have to say. So even though these 'Al Muaallafun kulubuhum' or Islamic converts, in their attempts to annoy us and cause hurt to their families and friends are actually doing us a favor.

In a similar way I believe that if a person decides to abandon the sand deity and its false witness and embrace the Lord Jesus then they should take up a Latin name, for their own safety and to distance them selves from the heinous and wicked acts of their former compatriots. However as I’m not an Islamic fascist I would not choose to force them to do this. Although it is rare to find converts to the right path offered by Jesus, if we do find them its always in little pieces stuffed in to suit cases and abandoned on Yorkshire's moors, as is the deadly price of turning away from 'the allah'.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Inflation going through the roof

Today has surelty smashed the illusion that Labour are compentent with the economy. The Consumer Price Index, which is the government's prefered measure of inflation, has registered another increase; it now stands at 3%. This is well above the 2% target set by Gordon Brown, but this only tells half the story.

The Retail Price Index, which everyone else really measures inflation, is up to a whopping 4.4%, the highest in 15 years. Why is it that we are given the 3% figure by the government instead of the 4.4%? Well, Gordon Brown shifted the focus about 3 years ago to convert the headline inflation to CPI rather than the naturally higher RPI. Undoubtedly this was done so the silly inference of having a continually lower rate could be retained.

Fiddling the figures is something Labour do very well; crime stats are regularly manipulated. However when the economy is suffering so badly I would hope people could see through the spin and realise that Gordon Brown is not the economic genius he is portrayed as being.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Islam Is A Joke!

What a joke the religion of Islam is! I read on the BBC News website today how a court in Casablanca, Morocco have given 'their own' journalists suspended sentences and a fine for defaming Islam and breaching public morality. This occured when the journalists Driss Ksikes and Sanaa al-Aji published an article in journalists' weekly magazine Nichane, entitled 'How Moroccans laugh at religion, sex and politics'.

The journalists argue that the jokes are in common usage however the court still banned the publication of the magazine for two months and fined the journalists $8,000 (£4,000). Even though this case is pure lunacy I can't help but wonder what would happen if these journalists were Westerners, they probably would have fatwas issued against them or be beheaded.

Anyway this court case is just another example how Islam tries to restrict free speech and shows what a joke this sand religion really is.


Sunday, January 14, 2007

More shifting the blame

Labour never seem to be able to take responsibility for their own actions, do they? So often we see them try to finger other people, usually unelected, for their own misdemeanours. Look at some prior examples; Dr David Kelly committed suicide after being blamed for the dodgy dossier, Martin Sixsmith was forced out after the government leaked an email of his to bury some bad news and who can forget the disgraceful way Labour tried to smear 94-year old Rose Addis as being a racist when the media published stories of how poorly she was treated by the NHS?

They are at it again. Instead of copping the flak for making such a fucking shambles of the current scandal surrounding Briton's foreign criminal records not being updated the Home Office, through their ministers, have stitched up the non-elected bureaucrats. It doesn't seem to matter that ministers knew about this debacle through being briefed by the police, they just will not take responsibility for the mess.

So it doesn't surprise me one little bit that the mandarins in the Home Office are shouldering the flak. It emerges today that a senior civil servant has been suspended following an 'internal inquiry'. Yeh right, pull the other one! It is obvious what has happened. John Reid, the disgraceful excuse for a Home Secretary, has looked at who had access to the briefing notes and found the only non-political name on the list.

Such disreputable behaviour is now becoming a cancer in politics. It is no wonder that people don't want to vote in elections any more when they see such horrendous dereliction of duty and responsibility.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Stop Apologising To The Muslims

I read on the BBC website today that Germany’s interior minister Wolfgang Schaeuble has called for an EU-wide dialogue with Muslims in an effort to integrate them better. Mr Schaeuble has compared parts of the Islamic world to pre-Enlightenment Europe, and criticised both the burka veil and traditional Muslim attitudes to women, which is fair enough.

But what I take issue with is what he said next "We should not be arrogant but only helpful. After all, Christianity waged terrible conflicts for a few centuries until the process of Enlightenment took root". CHRISTIANITY WAGED TERRIBLE CONFLICTS?? There is no doubt that he was referring to the Crusades but Mr Schaeuble makes it sound as if it was Christianity’s fault for the Crusades.

Don’t get me wrong Mr Schaeuble is a hero. He was one of the few German politicians to support the United States liberation of Iraq. However my gripe (which is clear to see in what he said) is how we in the West feel it is necessary to apologise for the Crusades or see our current struggles with the Muslims as Christianity’s fault. Let’s get one thing clear, the Crusades was a war of self defence against the Muslim aggressors.

However despite this, the culture of apologising to the Muslims, for which the politically correct left are to blame, still continues today. Just look at the 7/7 bombings in London. Instead of people (especially on the left) saying ‘damn these filthy Muslims worshiping their fictitious sand god and heaping misery on the entire world’ they instead say ‘oh poor Muslims, they are acting like this because of Iraq’.

What these people forget is that the Iraqi liberation is a direct result of the terrorist attack on New York on September 11th 2001. However people forget this and the reason for this is because the West is losing the propaganda war to the Muslims. There are two reasons for this; the first is that the Muslims have the ability to act like the victims of a conflict even if they themselves started the conflict and the second reason is that the liberal media in the West are reinforcing the Muslims position as victims instead of telling the truth and supporting our troops.

Friday, January 12, 2007

More troops in Iraq

I am going to go against the grain of public opinion, and that of the Conservative Party, by totally endorsing what President Bush is proposing to do in Iraq. By sending in an extra 21,000 troops to secure Baghdad Mr Bush is sending out a clear signal to those wishing to prolong the insurgency there. He is declaring his hand with force and confidence.

For those who believe 21,000 is not enough it should be noted that the caveat secured by the President was for Iraqi forces to support US troops to the tune of over 35,000 men. I honestly believe that an immediate and determined deployment of an extra 56,000 troops should secure the Iraqi capital. What is needed, however, is a major rethinking of what is needed to radically alter the cycle of violence and killings.

My view is that the US should move into Sadr City as soon as they can to deal with Moqtada al Sadr. This egotistical cleric, who has such a big head he named an entire district of Baghdad after him, needs to be taught a lesson. His slums are populated by radicalised Shia militia who have nothing to lose by sniping dead innocent residents in the Iraqi capital. They represent a stumbling block to peace and should be taken on.

This is undoubtedly make or break for President Bush. If this gamble works he will be hailed as the ultimate 'Comeback Kid' president by turning around his popular fortunes. If it fails things could get unbelievably ugly both in Iraq and for the Republicans in America.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Just how bad can it get at the Home Office?

Today has been dominated by two fairly major scandals eminating from the Home Office. The first is the news that two rather dangerous (and morbidly obese) murderers have escaped from a prison supposedly categorised as being 'excellent'. This comes a couple of days after a prisoner was freed by masked assailants from a police 'security' wagon as he was transported to hospital.

What a shambles. It puts the old days of Group 4 escapes into the shadows.

The second shocking scandal to befall this shambolic excuse for a government department is todays revelation that ministers knew about the hundreds of Britons who committed crimes abroad. These rapists, paedophiles and assorted other miscreants have been permitted to work in this country. They might be working with patients, kids, vulnerable people - we just don't know! What a dreadful scandal; but should we be surprised that it is happening? I'm not.

John Reid is perhaps one of the most inept cabinet minister Labour have. I am astonished that he gets all the big jobs. At health he left a system where health trusts were teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. When he was defence secretary our troops in Iraq had no decent boots, radios or even guns! At Northern Ireland he was forced to dissolve the Stormont parliament because he couldn't keep control there and his other major position, as Labour chairman, was marked by the increasingly bitter feuding between numbers 10 and 11 Downing Street.

Not exactly a sparkling reputation. Yet this man is charged with protecting the public from dangerous criminals. Thankfully one of our better performers, David Davis, is tearing lumps out of the Labour front bench. What's the betting, however, that no resignations result from this?

Gruesome Saddam post-death footage

Yes this is one of the more tasteless postings I have blogged, but I thought you should see yet another example of how utterly barbaric these Arabs are in Iraq. Not content with seeing Hussain almost snapped in two (which he didn't deserve; the death should have been far slower and painful) these chattering necro-enthusiasts actually found a way into the morgue to video the dead dictator on his cold slab.

The film is a little macabre, so don't watch it whilst eating. Also, that red thing under his chin ain't a rose, it's the inside of his throat.

Dead man Saddam

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Hammersmith and Fulham: Glorious!

This is what I mean by how a Conservative administration should behave. Elected one year, reducing taxes for hard working people the next.


Well done guys.

More on Ruth Kelly

Finally some tangible opposition to the rank hypocrisy of Ruth Kelly. Sadly this slating hasn't come from the elected politicians we would expect to be on hand to expose such double standards, it has been through the pages of national newspapers.

ConservativeHome is reporting that The Sun, through it's leader, has criticised Kelly's decision to send her child to a fee paying private school for special kids. They slam her, accusing the former Education Secretary as being a "fully fledged, ocean-going, two-faced hypocrite". Reading this on ConservativeHome was a little bit of a relief, because it finally presented me with the opportunity to see some form of Conservative outlet articulating my views.

David Cameron has distanced himself from the criticism, doubtless attempting to position himself as being warm, cuddly and representative of those who just want to do the best for their kids. It appears DC has temporarily taken leave of understanding just who he is. I am a small league politician (a local councillor) so I am totally at liberty to play the caring sharing card. I can see what Ruth Kelly's motivations are, but the simple fact of the matter is that she is part of a government that has led a concerted attack on anything outside state-funded education. They abolished the Assisted Places Scheme (which gave parents from all backgrounds the opportunity to send their kids to places like where Kelly has sent hers, without having to mortgage the house to afford the £15k a year fees) and worked tirelessly to find new ways of taxing us so they can pump billions into the State system. Mr Cameron is the leader of the opposition. He should be standing up to the government and exposing this hypocrisy, just as I would criticise my local council if they spent money on something that they had worked so hard to denigrate. It is his job!

Back to the core issue: What has all this money got us in this country? Well the cash soaked education sector is still unable to be trusted by Ms Kelly, a tantamount admission of utter failure by her government to deliver decent standards. The same is true of the NHS.

I just wish our national politicians had the guts to expose this. I desperately hope Cameron can start scoring some goals with the total shambles emanating from this government on an almost weekly basis. In my view he has missed an open goal here.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Startling new Labour hypocrisy

Over 100 special schools have been closed by this fucking awful excuse of a government. They say that their intention is to drag standards in education up to those of private and public institutions. That is why they got rid of Grammar Schools and squeezed the conditions for private fee-paying schools to such an extent as to seriously impede their ability to churn out the sort of talented scholars needed to be the next generations captain's of industry, or scientists or, heaven forbid, Labour cabinet minister.

So with this concerted assault on education, particularly for special needs pupils, it is somewhat astonishing that the former education secretary Ruth Kelly has joined the likes of Charles Faulkener and Harriet Harman in deciding to send her kids to a school she, and her government, is trying to prevent others from using. She is railing against her own ideology.

Surely if after 10 years in government the State sector is in such a depressed condition that even cabinet ministers have little faith in it the time has come to admit to their socialist failures.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Saddam's toast... Iraq rejoices - part 2

Ok now he has been hung. I saw the pictures on YouTube (you know, the ones from that mobile phone which actually sees his swing) and I have heard the bleating from the likes of Prescott, Blair and Brown. They claim that the killing and manner of how Hussain was taunted before he died was 'wrong' and 'deplorable'. I disagree entirely.

I will be the first to admit that I was a little jittery about watching another human being executed, that is surely only natural. I was nonplussed about the shouting and taunts aimed at Saddam as he waited to die - I couldn't understand a word they said. I was actually rather intimidated by the rasping, gruff indignation of the dictator as he answered his critics. What I did think about, though, were the hundreds and thousands of totally innocent civilians who were gassed and summarily executed during his reign, and at his behest, for simply having a difference of opinion to him. These women and children had no trial, they enjoyed no last meal before being put to a death far crueler and much more painful than the swift compound fracture of the spinal vertabrae.

So for all those who venture opinions regarding this man's execution I would ask that you think about all those who's deaths were not subject to the rule of law and remember why this vile dictator was sentenced to death in the first place.

Happy New Year

I'm back, the guys who have signed up to the website will be back and everything is all set for a very interesting 2007. I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year break but the fight is back on with the forces of Blair-ism. Brown-ism is all set to follow but before then we have to keep slating this foul excuse of a government for the numerous failures perpetrated under Tony Blair.

I despise Labour totally. I want to see them beaten but we really need to make sure we don't have a pale imitation taking over. What will David Cameron do this year? He spent most of 2006 insulting conservatives (note the small 'c') in order to reposition the Conservatives. He lost some members to UKIP and the large pool of no party affiliation but gained thousands more. He has made us seem more appealing to those who have lost patience with Labour, but much more needs to be done.

This year several policy commissions, established by Cameron after winning the leadership contest, are due to report back. The first one of these, about tax and spending, was pretty much disregarded last year, despite having a fine small government theme running through it. If Cameron is to have any respect from the voting public he MUST take the advice of the experts chairing these commissions. That may mean tough choices, but we have got to get rid of Labour and start fixing this country and it isn't going to happen with more of the same failed liberal policies.

The Tebbit Test in all it's glory

Being an English cricket fan is a tricky business right at the moment. As I write this a few thousand miles away the English cricket team has lost their grip on the Ashes they won merely 15 months earlier. The triumphs of 2005, along with the associated hysteria, has been totally thrown away after 5 Test matches of utter mediocrity from our boys down under.

But in this sea of total failure there is one ray of light giving English fans considerable heart. This player didn't make the first two Tests, despite being our leading wicket taker from the summer series in England. He is a special player and very proud to represent his country. In fact, in a magazine interview before flying off for Australia he claimed that it was the greatest honour he could be bestowed with competing for his home nation. It isn't Giles or Bell or any other English sounding 'stars'.

The outstanding finger spinner Monty Panasar has totally revolutionised the old assumptions surrounding cricketers. Before it was generally assumed they were ex public schoolboys who, more than likely, spent their junior years in all-boys schools fiddling with each other in the showers. Asian cricketers in the Bradford leagues were all Tendulkar fans, or spent their money on the green Pakistan shirts. They were British by immigration, yet asian through cricketing patronage. Many of them used the British NHS, earned a living by being employed in British firms and were educated in British schools. Yet when it came to supporting the country in sport they threw their weight behind our opponents, many actually celebrating English defeat more passionately than their own chosen team's success.

Norman Tebbit came up with one of the better known patrotism tests. He surmised that if you couldn't bring yourself to support the country which has supported you then your right to be considered British should be revoked. I have always supported this and it warms the heart to see players like Panesar and Nasser Hussain aquit themselves so spectacularly well in their cricketing endeavours. Their names may not sound English, but next to losers like Anderson or Read they are giants. If only those who owe as much to this country as Monty Panesar had his patriotic verve for this country we may not have quite so much trouble with radical Islam.

We'd still be shit at cricket though.