Saturday, January 20, 2007

Hillary Clinton - yes please!

Excellent news coming through from the US political scene. It appears that the Democrats will have the frontrunner for their nomination definately contesting the primaries after Hillary Rodham Clinton announced her intention to run. I am delighted with this news.

Hillary Clinton spent much of her time as First Lady to husband Bill making countless enemies, not just on the political Right either. Moderates dislike her shrill tone, her naked ambition to be president and the sickening use of power whilst at the White House she had neither earned through election or qualified for in talent.

She is a mediocre politician who has limited speaking and personal skills. Should the Democrats be stupid enough to elect her as their candidate (and let's be honest, anyone who thinks John Kerry could become president is surely somewhat dim) then the White House will stay in Republican hands for another two terms.

Bill Clinton was a politician, and a very successful one at that. Whether you agreed with his politics or not (and I certainly didn't) you couldn't argue that he was a formidable operator. He was a winner, someone who could inspire confidence from across the political spectrum. His wife is non of these. She is a dreadful political operator; someone who flip-flops on major issues so often she makes Kerry look like a conviction politician. Her voting record as New York Senator is far more liberal than the accepted norm of mainstream America. In short, she is a loser with terrible political judgement.

McCain, Giuliani, Romney or Gingritch will be salivating at the prospect of facing her should they gain the Republican nomination.

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