Thursday, January 18, 2007

Labour cheek on the Union

Watching Question Time on the Beeb tonight has made my blood boil. Labour are persuing the attack on the Tories, accusing them of seeking to fracture the Union between England and Scotland.

What a cheek this is coming from a party that has done so much terrible damage to this 300 year historic marriage between these two proud nations. Labour forced the Scottish Parliament onto the Union, without calling for a referendum on the issue with every member of the UK (as they, constitutionally, should really have done). The Scottish Parliament has forged an unprecedented increase in the flames of Scottish nationalism. The Scots now have a sniff of self governance (something which English voters have not had) and now they want more.

North of the border the SNP have latched onto this in the sort of opportunistic way one would expect of a bunch of power hungry socialists. The Scottish Parliament has taxed and spent in such a profligate way that there has been an enormous 'brain drain' down south to England which has the unavoidable consequence of leaving the dumb, intellectually-light half breed remaining. These idiots have no recognition of how bad independence would be, but seem to believe that just because Mel Gibson painted the Saltaire on his face and slit a few extras throats (artistically, of course) in a Hollywood movie then Scotland should listen to the nationalists who are, rhetorically, doing pretty much the same.

Labour have crucified the Union over the last 10 years. Scottish devolution has failed miserably because English taxpayers are massively subsidising the Scots! Look at the Scottish Parliament costs themselves!! Ten times more expensive than originally budgeted for. Look at the resentment of English voters at the scandal of Scottish MPs being able vote on English matters, but English MPs not having any say in the Scottish Parliament!

No, Labour do not have any moral right to throw their weight, and accusations, around with their horrendous record of damage done to this proud nation.


Anonymous said...

Not forgetting that if you are a student in Scotland but live in England you have to pay tuition fees. If you were born in Scotland and go to uni you get your fees paid for.

Disgrace. No-wonder I hate the jocks

Right is right said...

I agree. The big racism that I get pissed off about is that of Scots against the English. They get so much of our money, MY money, and have the cheek to do silly things like cheer for any team other than England at football... and are quite happy to admit it is because they hate us.

Ungrateful c**ts