Monday, January 15, 2007

Islam Is A Joke!

What a joke the religion of Islam is! I read on the BBC News website today how a court in Casablanca, Morocco have given 'their own' journalists suspended sentences and a fine for defaming Islam and breaching public morality. This occured when the journalists Driss Ksikes and Sanaa al-Aji published an article in journalists' weekly magazine Nichane, entitled 'How Moroccans laugh at religion, sex and politics'.

The journalists argue that the jokes are in common usage however the court still banned the publication of the magazine for two months and fined the journalists $8,000 (£4,000). Even though this case is pure lunacy I can't help but wonder what would happen if these journalists were Westerners, they probably would have fatwas issued against them or be beheaded.

Anyway this court case is just another example how Islam tries to restrict free speech and shows what a joke this sand religion really is.



Anonymous said...

you cant blame islam for everything. do you honestly hate all muslims?

Heß said...

Of course. Even the so-called moderate muslims who are feckless and weak and therefore can't stop the hardliners (if they even want to).

If there was no Islam then there would be no middle east conflict, no War on Terror and no Iraq War which means the world will be better off.

Anonymous said...

what a load of shit. You fail to understand that the major wars of history have been between different strands of Christianity. Judaism hasn't been a beacon of peace either

Gracchi said...

Odd its interesting that you link from one case in Morrocco to a religion that spans the world from Morroco to Indonesia

Incidentally no Islam- no Averroes- no Aristotle in the West- no Renaissance- no Enlightenment.

Heß said...

In response to anonymous. Islam has actually caused more wars then Christianity but Muslims still have the nerve to state that Islam is a religion of peace which it clearly isn't.

As for Gracchi who obviously is a complete lefty for his pathetic attempt to corrupt history. Aristotle came around about 2500 years before Islam. And the only thing Islam has done in connection the renaissance and the enlightenment is try to destroy them both.

Anonymous said...

With fascists like Pope Benedict in power it is a little hypocritical to criticise Islam

Heß said...

Benedict you have left a typical far left response. You can't face the fact that Islam is a evil sand religion so you resort to personal attacks on anyone connected with Christianity.

If you knew your history then you would know that after 1936 it was a legal requirement in Germany for all young boys after the age of 14 to join the Hitler Youth whether they wanted to or not.

Anonymous said...

So was Hitler a Muslim then?

Rumsfeld said...

You will notice many Islamic terrorists support Nazism and many neo-Nazis in Germany are converts to Islam because of its hatred of Jews.

Islam is on a par with Nazism and is a totally wicked faith, as opposed to Christianity which preaches peace.

All across the Islamic world you see oppression and intolerance to the Khaffur [that's us non-believers]. They see us as on the same level as dog turd.

Anonymous said...

All across the Islamic world you see oppression and intolerance to the Khaffur [that's us non-believers]. They see us as on the same level as dog turd.

Thats because the west sees Islam as "dog turd". These tit for tat arguments about Islam and Christianity serve no purpose and only exascerbate tensions. If people don't put their religions aside and value each other as human beings, these tensions will never abate. All christians are not good and all muslims are not bad. They both have an ugly side. There. That should settle the argument.

Anonymous said...

I personally judge a person by who they are, not what they do with their spare time.

If someone is a muslim and spends Friday afternoons at a mosque but doesn't do anything to make me despise him then I don't have a problem. I know lots of scumbags who are white and I know lots of decent muslims who work hard and pay their taxes.

Rumsfeld said...

Yes, you live happy in you're nice liberal little worlds.

All across Europe we have lazy, layabout young male Muslims living the life of riley by scrounging off the state [That's a statistical fact], while choosing to keep themselves isolated from the mainstream.

I'm sick of Muslims playing the victim card. They are treated with reverence by the western establishment yet still whine and moan. They make up this crap about terrorism being the result of the Iraq war but 9/11 was before then. And what about the 1998 bombings on US Embassies in Africa, 93 WTC Bombing, Beirut bombing of US Embassy 83? Anyone who believes the Muslim propaganda is a fool. It has a history of violence.

And then there's the blatant discrimination non-Muslims [dhimmis] face in Muslim states. You Muslim lovers need to get a grip.

Anonymous said...

this blog is nothing more than a front for the BNP. You are all a fucking lot of fascists who judge others by the colour of their skin or religion.

You are scum and we fought world wars to keep the likes of you out of this country

Rumsfeld said...

Get your facts right anonymous. Islam is a religion, not a race. The BNP are a vile party of skinhead scummers which we hate.

Calling someone a fascist is the standard insult of the PC left, you're too stupid to come up with a reasonable response.

You may not recognise the true face of Islam, but we do. There is not another more dangerous, oppressive religion on the planet. Why do non-Muslims in Islamic states have to accept sub-human dhimmi status and pay a tax to remain non-Muslim?

But then again, if you read the Guardian or Independent you wouldn't know about that.