Thursday, January 18, 2007

Big Brother - Who the fuck cares?

I give less attention to Big Brother than I do to the turds flushing down my toilet. BB is the most pathetic excuse of a reality programme I have ever had the misfortune to suffer watching. What a shame that so many people are buying into what they read in trashy newspapers about racism directed towards an Indian actress.

Surely there are far greater news issues occupying peoples thoughts than some fat slapper trying to be clever taking the piss out of someone she is jealous about being extremely better looking than her? What about inflation soaring, or criminals escaping from prisons, or soldiers being killed in Iraq?? Why on earth are we looking at our news-stands choc full of headlines dominated by Big Brother, when so much else is happening in the world?

Could it be that in another week of dreadful news, both at home and abroad, the Labour Party are wanting to shift the debate and dump the bad news from front pages to avoid continuing the obvious embarrassment this dispicable government is going through?

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Anonymous said...

The social experiment undertaken by Bliar is directly responsible for this disgrace. The politically correct agenda, where every minority has its rights protected in law, results in the collapse of freedom of speech, free thought and breeds a victim culture that excuses all the under achievers in society – ‘it wasn’t my fault’.
When you have politicians evading responsibility for their actions, lying to protect themselves, arrogantly ignoring public opinion and worst of all getting away with it, society takes notice. However well you try and bring up your children they have to go to a school where teachers are not allowed to discipline them, where police have to worry more about the human rights of the offenders, where it is easier to fail than succeed due to the 'respect the victim' state handouts and where hypocrisy in public life is endemic. Hypocrisy deprives politicians, teachers, and parents of any credibility. How can a man who illegally invaded a foreign country be taken seriously when he says he abhors racism?