Friday, January 19, 2007

Islam - The Truth

Hello everybody, today I'd like to talk to you all about Islam. Now I’ve been reading the Bible recently and decided that prophase, instead of just blogging about the dangers of islam i should actually talk to some young British muslims themselves about what it means to be a Muslim in the UK today and in which direction they think Islam is going to. I decided that I would use this opportunity to allow this sometimes misrepresented minority to have a voice, to give them the chance to call it as they see it. I'm afraid I have to tell you all now that what I fund out has deeply disturbed me and I’m sure it will leave you quite shaken too.

I decided to log on to one of the most popular mainstream youth sites, ‘Chat Islam’ (, where young adult British muslims often congregate, its meant to be for them to chat about 'youth issues' such as the pop charts or football, indeed there is a warning before you go in asking you not to talk about religion or politics, no doubt placed there by worried islamic elders to protect their young from radicalisation by al-Qaeda. (القاعدة)

So I started by asking them about the currant hot religious political topic, the demand for the new islamic Caliphate by Tablighi Jamaat (تبليغي جماعت,)

Constantine: hey is it true you guys want a caliphate from Spain to China?
MujahidUK: anyway
MujahidUK: Constantine
MujahidUK: the khalifat is coming
MujahidUK: allah hoo
MujahidUK: allah hooamani: in egypt it is
MujahidUK: wait
MujahidUK: yaseen
Constantine: why don’t you eat pork when god made pigs?
Yaseen: mawla yassalli wassali dahi man abadan
MujahidUK: Constantine
MujahidUK: the simple answer toi ur queston is
MujahidUK: its a commandment by allah
MujahidUK: yeah sadia
MujahidUK: insha allah
Yaseen: theword Allah shud be in capitals
sadia_K: Allah*
Constantine: allah or muhammed, not the same thing
Constantine: you'd be a lot happier if you were Christian
Constantine: for a start you could have a drink
sadia_K: nah not really constanine
Constantine: and stop being all angry all the time
aisha hayat: i was christian NOW im alot happier :)
aisha hayat: thats the english/christian mans answer to everything alcohol lol
constantine: aisha hayat, you are in big trouble, you’d better come back or go to hell
Yaseen: feel like i am uncivilised when asking
MujahidUK: has anyone heard of the poem of the mantle
Yaseen: brb
amani: what??
MujahidUK: qasidah burdah
yousuf: Constantine u better read about pigs meat in medical book
saisha hayat: lol i came to islam because i want to go heaven
aisha hayat: no use explaining to you let Allah do that on the day of judgement
yousuf: then u will come to know why it is prohibited
MujahidUK: ill point u to a wonderful nasheed
constantine: by following the anti-Christ you will not go to heaven
MujahidUK: ignore him
amani: i will
aisha hayat: lol i cant belive i was christian how deluded they all are
MujahidUK: type in
MujahidUK: qasidah burdah
MujahidUK: by memut kurtis

I think as many of you will all agree, most disturbing. It is clear that this is proof that the muslims want to take over Europe and declare the UK an islamic emirate, I entered this dialogue with our islamic youth with a genuinely open mind, I'm now left shaken to the core by what I’ve seen and herd tonight, I’m sure you all are too. The task ahead of us is clear, we need to protest our homeland and out children, but how we do it in a state where you can be dragged before a judge and jury just for recognising this barbarian expansionist sand faith, which is bent on the destruction of civilization, as 'wicked' I don’t know. I just hope we have all learned something from this tonight.


Anonymous said...

You have got an unnatural obsession with muslims and islam!

Anonymous said...

When will people realise that religious nutters like Bliar and Bush and just as mad as these islamic fundementalists. How can you argue with people who think its a good idea to blow up themselves and innocent people. The trick is to leave them to their own devices and eventually, after fighting themselves for ages, will find that as economic prosperity engulfs society the absurdity of religion dawns on them. It is one of the UK's greatest strengths, thatwe have religion of all types practiced here, but the vast majority of people have no religion other than common sense and decency.

Lord Tebbit said...

Im just looking out for you sir/madam, when the Islamic emirate of 'Anglestan' is proclaimed and you, me and what ever dhimmi ذمي‎ (unbelievers) are left to pay the jizya (tax on being non muslim) and our children are taken away to be Devshirmeh (collection of children/forced conversion of children)then you would wish that you had acted now!

Rumsfeld said...

"Bush and 'Bliar' are just as mad as the Islamic fundamentalists".

Typical warped view of the far left. We did not seek this war, it was brought on by continued barbaric attacks on innocent civilians and Western targets by Muslim terrorists.

To say that these democratically elected leaders are on a par with oppressive Islamic fanatics is an insult to the victims.