Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Happy 65th 'Muhammad'

Today I would like to wish Muhammad Ali a happy 65th Birthday, how ever I think this mans tale has messages for all of us today. 'I am the greatest' claims Muhammad Ali, undoubtedly he was a very good boxer, but as Jesus our lord, and the real last prophet said, 'Blessed are the meek', Meek Ali is not, neither is he blessed. Due to his turning to the foul prophet if islam, away from the love of God, and his constant jibing of the Christians has meant that this once great fighter has been struck down with the Shaking Disease which ironically enough means that while he continues to think of himself as the greatest, even a non boxer could now kick his ass in the ring, oh how the mighty have fallen I thought to my self, and there is no greater fall than the fall that pride (one of the 7 deadly sins) can induce. As the muslims say, الله أكبر الحمد لله
'Praise be to allah, allah is great.' Well the real God is indeed great and just, unlike this pagan sand deity 'allah', and has once again proven his power over all men, muslims and liberals reading this, you have been warned!!!

While I was talking this matter over with a friend he was concerned that I was using his muslim name of 'Muhammad Ali' instead of honoring the name his parents gave him, while this may be another attack if his ego I have decided to refer to him as 'Muhammad', this is a rule that I will apply to all 'muhammidan' converts.

While I'm always careful to separate religion from culture, indeed I am a fan of Arab culture and there are over 25 million Arab Christians (most living in South America, but the terrible reasons for this will be the subject of another blog at a later date). I think that it is important that if you are going to turn away from God and to embrace the anti-Christ then you should mark your self as such by taking its name, this will also aid the CIA when they do terrorist checks on plane passengers and warn others to ignore what ever these mad men have to say. So even though these 'Al Muaallafun kulubuhum' or Islamic converts, in their attempts to annoy us and cause hurt to their families and friends are actually doing us a favor.

In a similar way I believe that if a person decides to abandon the sand deity and its false witness and embrace the Lord Jesus then they should take up a Latin name, for their own safety and to distance them selves from the heinous and wicked acts of their former compatriots. However as I’m not an Islamic fascist I would not choose to force them to do this. Although it is rare to find converts to the right path offered by Jesus, if we do find them its always in little pieces stuffed in to suit cases and abandoned on Yorkshire's moors, as is the deadly price of turning away from 'the allah'.

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