Tuesday, January 30, 2007

They're fucked

The net is closing in on Tony Blair. For a second week in a row a big Labour name has been nicked by the police in connection with the 'cash for honours' scandal. This time it is a familiar name to those following this disgraceful act of constitutional theft. Lord Levy, the guy Blair used to raise the millions which elected him to high office, has been re-arrested by Scotland Yard. It is surely curtains for him, but I am sure the big prize is just round the corner.

Blair must have known about the sale of honours to those who gave his party the vast sums of money he needed to win three elections. How could he not? The question is whether he lied to the police when volunteering his knowledge last year. If he did, and it appears the police think they have found something critical with the re-arrest of Lord Levy, then he could be facing a 7 year stretch inside for perverting the course of justice.

Wouldn't that be sweet redemption for a man who claimed to be 'whiter than white' to get elected, only to be turgid in the depravity of sleaze he has bestowed onto politics.

People say that the Tories were just as bad when they were in office. Detractors point to Jeffrey Archer, Neil Hamilton, 'cash for questions', Asil Nadir. What I would say is that these were comparatively minor scandals involving minor politicians. No cabinet minister in John Major's government was ever up to their necks in as much shit as Blair and his grotesque rabble of greedy Labour cabinet ministers are now. When did Major have to answer police questions? When did cabinet ministers have to quit because they were accused of giving away passports and work visas to nannies or friendly businessmen?

No, Labour have been the equivilent of the anti-christ when it comes to virtuous public service. After spending so long moralising in the 90's they certainly deserve it. Politics has, however, taken another groundshaking body blow as the public's perception of politicians gets ever worse.

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