Saturday, November 25, 2006

Who's the tosser?

Conservatives are strange creatures. We are supposed to be the guardians of tradition and family values. We should be the party of economic prudence and sound money. So it is a little bit of a shock when we read that these two rather distinct worlds have apparently collided.

According to recent Tory output we are all 'tossers' for getting into debt. Now, readers of this website (all 54 regulars!) will know that we don't really mind being crude in our language. In fact we fucking love it! But to have the official opposition wheel out such a vulgar wrod to describe people who have a habit of reaching for the credit card is distasteful and, if I were to be honest, quite below the standard I would expect from a serious political party.

Perhaps it is just siple gimmicary. Maybe we are trying to give the chavvish impression that todays Conservative Party is as thuggish as the pricks who generally use this language. If that is the case then we may have motivated a few thousand Kappa slappers to vote for us, but at what cost?

Are we becoming the ultimate of dumbed down politics?

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Prison is a place for people who have a problem obeying the law!!!

I've just finished watching 30 Days on More 4. For those who are not aware of who it is written by I'll enlighten you. It's author and 'star' (if you can call him that) is film maker and arch Liberal Morgan Spurlock. In this particular episode Spurlock spent 30 Days in a Virgina Prison. You can probably guess how the show went.......... Just quite how Morgan Spurlock has been allowed to find an international platform for his Liberal views is quite astounding. No wonder the world is in such a mess when people like this are allowed to air their views.
Prison is a place for people who have a problem with abiding by the laws of society. Those who commit crimes do not deserve to 'see a tree' or have a shit in private. Prison is a punishment not a holiday. I for one am glad that America still has a justice system which delivers just that justice. The Liberals have already hijacked the UK system lets not see the same happen in America. However, I for one am not optimistic, following last week's results in the mid-terms, i'm sure we'll be seeing mints on the pillows of prisoners before we know it.
God help us all

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Why not join our team?

Everyone with an ounce of common sense knows that the right way to think in this country is Right of centre (and quite a bit Right of centre in some cases!). This country is being governed through a sick consensus of metropolitan liberals and do-gooders who have absolutely no regard for what is actually happening.

Since I started this blog we have 3 new commentators signed up. This is great but I want more! If you have issues you want to get off your chest, annonymously of course, then sign up and use Right is right as your platform.

The only qualification is that you have a healthy anglo-saxon vocabulary and know how to fucking use it. You don't have to be a member of the Conservative Party (let's face it, they aren't being tremendously conservative at the moment). You do need to have a brain and some perspective of life in Blair's Britain. Being a neo-con is not an essential qualification, but does help. You mus despise Hillary Clinton though!

If you fancy being part of this growing blog, email me on

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Was it really all worth it?

I've been taking a good look at what we are commemorating today. It is 88 years since the guns fell silent at the end of the war which was supposed to end all wars. We fought that one after an errant, interbred Kaiser felt over ambitious envy towards the British Empire and used the assassination of a minor archduke to trigger off this war. Territory and an overblown ego cost the lives of over 15 million brave servicemen. In one battle alone, the Somme, nearly half a million British men, some no older than the teenage scumbags who broke the two minutes silence at my local cathedral service on Friday, died.

I must admit to having thoughts of a rather ungenerous nature this weekend. I have watched the programmes dramatising the exploits of WW1 soldiers and seen what they went through to defend the principles of freedom and democracy. I hope they are looking down with pride as we remember them, but will they also be feeling somewhat bemused by what has become of this country?

I started this blog off so I could vent some gas at what I consider to be wrong with our nation. Millions of our citizens have died so we can enjoy freedom and live in peace, yet we are seeing pictures on our television screens on an almost daily basis of 'demonstrations' in London and elsewhere of people brandishing banners and placards urging violence and threatening those who do not conform to hardcore Islamic standards.

I find it insulting to the memory of those who stood up for freedom against a murderous Kaiser and a facist dictator that this country even allows those people to walk amongst us. It is truly degrading to their glorious sacrifice that all they have fought for seems to be unravelling before our eyes, as people who are now classed as British, who are born, brought up, schooled and supported by the state can make attemps to pervert the society we all live in and twist their own hatred into violence against, supposedly, their own people.

On a day when we remember all that is wonderful about this great country of ours we should also be reminded of a form of cancer that is developing within it.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Rumsfeld: Was misunderstood and will be sorely missed

For those who can only bring themselves to believe the BBC guff about the US Secretary of Defense (to spell it the American way!) I can say only one thing: Just take a look at what this great believer of freedom and democracy said after the 7/7 bombings.

"Reports from London are already telling of calm passengers, compassionate strangers, and courageous rescuers. And that too is familiar -- the grace and humanity that contrasts vividly with the hatred and violence of terrorists. The London attacks have a special resonance for the American people -- for America has no stronger or closer ally in the world than Great Britain. We are bound together by a common heritage, a common language, and a deeply shared commitment to freedom. As President Bush indicated earlier this morning, the United States will stand with the British people with unflinching resolve...But if these terrorists thought they could intimidate the people of a great nation, they picked the wrong people and the wrong nation. For generations, tyrants, fascists, and terrorists have sought to carry out their violent designs upon the British people only to founder upon its unrelenting shores. Before long, I suspect that those responsible for these acts will encounter British steel. Their kind of steel has an uncommon strength. It does not bend or break. The British have learned from history that this kind of evil must be confronted. It cannot be appeased. Our two countries understand well that once a people give in to terrorists demands, whatever they are, their demands will grow. The British people are determined and resolute. And I know the people of the United States are proud to stand at their side"

I don't know about you but this brings a conservative tear to my eye and has the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end.

Britain and the world owes Rummy a lot more than they will bring themselves to admit.

Yes To Red Poppies! No To White Poppies!

I was disgusted to see today that a Christian lobby group headed by Jonathan Bartley has suggested that we wear white poppies instead of red ones. They say that we should wear one to support the end of all wars. I say that they are a bunch of hippy loonies who sit around trees singing kum ba yah. May I suggest Mr Bartley that you would be more suited to wearing a white feather rather than a white poppy. I mean Remembrance Day, Remembrance Sunday and the red poppy are all dedicated to remember those soldiers who have died fighting wars for our freedom. If Mr Bartley wants a day to help stop all wars then he should take his white feather (I mean poppy) and his loony friends, go to France where they welcome coward losers and set up a day there and stop trying to take our Remembrance Day away from us. His suggestion apart from being insane has two major errors; the first is that there is no such thing as a white poppy, poppies are naturally red. The second is that his suggestion of halting all wars does not allow for just wars. For example in 1939 Britain needed to go to war against Hitler and the Nazis to preserve our freedom which is all well and good. Whereas Mr Bartley would have wanted no war, it doesn’t matter to him that we would have Nazis marching around Britain and monitoring our every move so long as we don’t declare war Mr Bartley would have been happy. And Mr Bartley should be ashamed of calling himself a Christian because Christianity believes that it is the only true religion and all other religions are wrong and should be dispensed off which means war, just look at the crusades. In the end the 11th November is Remembrance Day and the closest Sunday is Remembrance Sunday and I will observe the two minute silence and I will be wearing my red poppy as well.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Saddam's toast... Iraq rejoices

Couldn't have happened to a nicer despot. Saddam Hussain has a date with the rope after spending the best part of 30 years terrorising his people, his neighbours and world stability. The guy who pompous twat George Galloway saluted for his indefatigability looked dazed and shook as he made a half-hearted show of defiance as the judgement was read out.

All over Iraq people, ordinary oppressed people under Hussain, cracked open the western-produced champagne they now have access to celebrating the imminent date their former tormentor has with the gallows.

What I found both fascinating and depressingly predictable was the BBC reaction to the judgement. They wheeled out John Simpson, the doom-monger himself, to say that Iraq would erupt in sectarian violence at the news. They cunningly cut away from him to show 6 or 7 Iraqi's marching down a street in some Tikriti suburb chanting away with portraits of the newly condemned ex-dictator. As far as mass rallies go it was hardly on a par with the Countryside Alliance a few years back.

They neatly sidestepped the fact that all across the Shia and Kurd regions of this country people were celebrating in their millions.

The BBC (what an embarrassment they are to the notion of impartial broadcasting) then suggested that Saddam would prefer to be executed than sent down for the rest of his life. They announced with all the pompous conviction this Corporation has (in abundance) that Iraq would be worse off with Saddam swinging merrily from his noose. What absurd tripe.

With Saddam gone a brutal, barbaric chapter in their history is now closing for Iraqis. They have a real opportunity to finally move on. For all those who say he would be better of living and breathing when so many Iraqis have perished at his hands I say simply this: Imagine an Iraq without Hussain's shadow looming over them in 10 years time. Will the insurgents and Ba'ath militants still be fighting with such ferocity? Will the defiance shown by Saddam and his cronies still be inspiring Sunnis to blow themselves up in downtown Baghdad?

Or perhaps the memory of Saddam Hussain will be merely that, a memory. In 10 years Iraq will most probably be a stable and prosperous country, the first true Arabian democracy. If Hussain was still alive and in prison the insurgents talisman would still be alive. Their violent goals could still be achieved, fresh in the knowledge that every dead civilian shot on Iraqi streets would be met with a tactile welcome by the man these insurgents and Ba'athists still consider to be their head of state.

Saddam will soon be joining the other deluded Islamic 'martyrs' who have spent a lifetime plotting and carrying out the deaths of innocent people. If he seriously thinks 72 virgins await for him I suspect he will be sorely disappointed.

I hope he burns in whichever hell his religion chooses to send him.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I never thought I'd see the day

The Conservative and Unionist Party last night followed the rag tag bunch of left wing hippies that comprise of the Liberal Democrats (I truly despise them), SNP and the Welsh windbags, sorry, nationalists into the same lobby.

David Cameron wanted to force the government to hold an inquiry into the handling of the Iraq war. He went about doing it in totally the wrong way. Why side with the slippery freaks who voted against the war in the first place? We took a bold move to support sending troops into Iraq in 2002 because we believed there were weapons of mass destruction. Blair made up a shit load of lies to force the vote through parliament and now the Tories are hamstrung. Should we (and I use this term as I am a member and councillor) have used this opportunity, backing those left wing scumbags who care little for the safety of our troops?

Of course not! We should be sensible and do what any right thinking person would do. Stand foresquare behind our troops, campaign for proper armour and weapons (decent boots would be a good start), use our growing influence with other right of centre leaders to bolster the coalition. In short, we should be fighting al-qaeda and the insurgents in Iraq, not squabbling on the same side as Mark Oaten and Alex Salmond.

We have to support our troops; they are doing one hell of a job over there!