Sunday, November 12, 2006

Was it really all worth it?

I've been taking a good look at what we are commemorating today. It is 88 years since the guns fell silent at the end of the war which was supposed to end all wars. We fought that one after an errant, interbred Kaiser felt over ambitious envy towards the British Empire and used the assassination of a minor archduke to trigger off this war. Territory and an overblown ego cost the lives of over 15 million brave servicemen. In one battle alone, the Somme, nearly half a million British men, some no older than the teenage scumbags who broke the two minutes silence at my local cathedral service on Friday, died.

I must admit to having thoughts of a rather ungenerous nature this weekend. I have watched the programmes dramatising the exploits of WW1 soldiers and seen what they went through to defend the principles of freedom and democracy. I hope they are looking down with pride as we remember them, but will they also be feeling somewhat bemused by what has become of this country?

I started this blog off so I could vent some gas at what I consider to be wrong with our nation. Millions of our citizens have died so we can enjoy freedom and live in peace, yet we are seeing pictures on our television screens on an almost daily basis of 'demonstrations' in London and elsewhere of people brandishing banners and placards urging violence and threatening those who do not conform to hardcore Islamic standards.

I find it insulting to the memory of those who stood up for freedom against a murderous Kaiser and a facist dictator that this country even allows those people to walk amongst us. It is truly degrading to their glorious sacrifice that all they have fought for seems to be unravelling before our eyes, as people who are now classed as British, who are born, brought up, schooled and supported by the state can make attemps to pervert the society we all live in and twist their own hatred into violence against, supposedly, their own people.

On a day when we remember all that is wonderful about this great country of ours we should also be reminded of a form of cancer that is developing within it.

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