Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I never thought I'd see the day

The Conservative and Unionist Party last night followed the rag tag bunch of left wing hippies that comprise of the Liberal Democrats (I truly despise them), SNP and the Welsh windbags, sorry, nationalists into the same lobby.

David Cameron wanted to force the government to hold an inquiry into the handling of the Iraq war. He went about doing it in totally the wrong way. Why side with the slippery freaks who voted against the war in the first place? We took a bold move to support sending troops into Iraq in 2002 because we believed there were weapons of mass destruction. Blair made up a shit load of lies to force the vote through parliament and now the Tories are hamstrung. Should we (and I use this term as I am a member and councillor) have used this opportunity, backing those left wing scumbags who care little for the safety of our troops?

Of course not! We should be sensible and do what any right thinking person would do. Stand foresquare behind our troops, campaign for proper armour and weapons (decent boots would be a good start), use our growing influence with other right of centre leaders to bolster the coalition. In short, we should be fighting al-qaeda and the insurgents in Iraq, not squabbling on the same side as Mark Oaten and Alex Salmond.

We have to support our troops; they are doing one hell of a job over there!

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Anonymous said...

Quite right.

It's a shame that our party is increasingly siding with the "left wing... who care little for the safety of our troops". And not only about Iraq.