Sunday, November 05, 2006

Saddam's toast... Iraq rejoices

Couldn't have happened to a nicer despot. Saddam Hussain has a date with the rope after spending the best part of 30 years terrorising his people, his neighbours and world stability. The guy who pompous twat George Galloway saluted for his indefatigability looked dazed and shook as he made a half-hearted show of defiance as the judgement was read out.

All over Iraq people, ordinary oppressed people under Hussain, cracked open the western-produced champagne they now have access to celebrating the imminent date their former tormentor has with the gallows.

What I found both fascinating and depressingly predictable was the BBC reaction to the judgement. They wheeled out John Simpson, the doom-monger himself, to say that Iraq would erupt in sectarian violence at the news. They cunningly cut away from him to show 6 or 7 Iraqi's marching down a street in some Tikriti suburb chanting away with portraits of the newly condemned ex-dictator. As far as mass rallies go it was hardly on a par with the Countryside Alliance a few years back.

They neatly sidestepped the fact that all across the Shia and Kurd regions of this country people were celebrating in their millions.

The BBC (what an embarrassment they are to the notion of impartial broadcasting) then suggested that Saddam would prefer to be executed than sent down for the rest of his life. They announced with all the pompous conviction this Corporation has (in abundance) that Iraq would be worse off with Saddam swinging merrily from his noose. What absurd tripe.

With Saddam gone a brutal, barbaric chapter in their history is now closing for Iraqis. They have a real opportunity to finally move on. For all those who say he would be better of living and breathing when so many Iraqis have perished at his hands I say simply this: Imagine an Iraq without Hussain's shadow looming over them in 10 years time. Will the insurgents and Ba'ath militants still be fighting with such ferocity? Will the defiance shown by Saddam and his cronies still be inspiring Sunnis to blow themselves up in downtown Baghdad?

Or perhaps the memory of Saddam Hussain will be merely that, a memory. In 10 years Iraq will most probably be a stable and prosperous country, the first true Arabian democracy. If Hussain was still alive and in prison the insurgents talisman would still be alive. Their violent goals could still be achieved, fresh in the knowledge that every dead civilian shot on Iraqi streets would be met with a tactile welcome by the man these insurgents and Ba'athists still consider to be their head of state.

Saddam will soon be joining the other deluded Islamic 'martyrs' who have spent a lifetime plotting and carrying out the deaths of innocent people. If he seriously thinks 72 virgins await for him I suspect he will be sorely disappointed.

I hope he burns in whichever hell his religion chooses to send him.


Anonymous said...

Fucking a star analysis. The liberal media disgust me

Anonymous said...

I am pro-war and pro-kill the terrorist bastards, but on this issue you are wrong for more reasons than I care to think about.

Saddam Hussein is an irrelevance, and his execution will make him a martyr and a rallying point...and for what? Are you really willing to see coalition troops die, not to mention Iraqi civilians, just to slake some desire for revenge against Saddam Hussein?

Lock the bastard up and let him rot and sink into obscurity, just like the Baath party would do...if it was allowed to.

Right is right said...

Well old chap, I disagree with you. However, as you are an ex member of HM Armed Forces, and my military background extends about as far as blue-tacking a centrefold from The Sun on my window urging people to back the troops, I shall deign to you superior judgement.

What I would say is that we risk having the Nelson Mandela affect with Saddam. Now I am not for one minute equating what Mandela did with what Saddam Hussain did, or that we should have hung Mandela, but he was a catalyst for the ANC whilst inside. He was a legend and the ANC grew massively in strength as a result of sympathy with their cause. Mandela was a leader for them even whilst banged up.

I suggest that our boys would be far threatened with him alive than with him snuffed out.

Anonymous said...

Whether I have superior military knowledge is neither here nor there RIR, though I must say it does make my judgement different to what it may have been.

Mandella was a different kettle of fish altogether and he was a rallying cry around the world against an oppressive regime, not actually as one. That I know is debatable about Mandella but the basic principle I think is sound.

Saddam Hussein represents a minority in Iraq who are generally loathed and can rely on now world wide support, and also, they are pretty much secular; Saddam already tried to use the religion card and failed miserably.

If Saddam went to jail, IMO, he would be a curiosity in a few years and his supporters, what few of them there are, will find another leader and party. In death though, he will be a martyr and that is what they must avoid.

If not for the prospect of being a martyr Mandella would have been dead so they kept him alive and he became a success as a result. Now we have the prospect of Saddam Hussein being dead despite the dangers of martyrdom, and he could be a success as a result.

It's a difficult one I know, but hey...we can kill the fucker any time can't we?