Friday, January 26, 2007

Come on, John, the game's up

I have never really rated John Reid. Every position he has held in the Cabinet has been an absolute, unmitigated, disaster. When he was Party Chairman Labour was mired in sleaze (very much the same as they are today!). When he was Health Secretary billions were lost in pointless re-organisations of the NHS. When he was in Northern Ireland as the Secretary of State there devolution had to be repatriated back to Westminster as Reid was unable to sort out the sectarian squabbling. Let's not forget his stint as Defence Secretary, where soldiers were sent out to die in Iraq and Afghanistan without working radios, desert sand boots or reliable guns!

John Reid is the very epitome of incompetence.

Now he is making a right royal fuck up of the Home Office. Everything that can possibly go wrong is going wrong. The department is falling apart and no amount of brazen apologies on the telly will stop the apparent slide into total anarchy. He was right when he said that the Home Office is 'not fit for purpose', but shouldn't he have extended this damning indictment to cover himself?

He is not the right man to sort out the prisons and keep the streets safe. He should resign now and put us all out of our misery.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree about John Reid. I was always suspicious about him becoming Health Secretary when he had the bedside manner of a jackhammer. Perhaps it was because the Tories had Dr Liam Fox as spokesman and Labour wanted a Dr too.

Just happens that he wasn't a doctor of medicine, but a doctor of 'philosophy'. They just hoped that the public wouldn't notice

Right is right said...

Yes I agree. The fact that Reid became Health Secretary before the last election just sums Labour's cynical attitude to politics.