Monday, January 08, 2007

Startling new Labour hypocrisy

Over 100 special schools have been closed by this fucking awful excuse of a government. They say that their intention is to drag standards in education up to those of private and public institutions. That is why they got rid of Grammar Schools and squeezed the conditions for private fee-paying schools to such an extent as to seriously impede their ability to churn out the sort of talented scholars needed to be the next generations captain's of industry, or scientists or, heaven forbid, Labour cabinet minister.

So with this concerted assault on education, particularly for special needs pupils, it is somewhat astonishing that the former education secretary Ruth Kelly has joined the likes of Charles Faulkener and Harriet Harman in deciding to send her kids to a school she, and her government, is trying to prevent others from using. She is railing against her own ideology.

Surely if after 10 years in government the State sector is in such a depressed condition that even cabinet ministers have little faith in it the time has come to admit to their socialist failures.

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