Saturday, January 20, 2007

Chicken Cottage's Snub to the Lord Jesus Christ

‘Al Chicken Ibn Cottage’ as it should be known has had branches spinning up all over Londonabad and the UK as well as the wider muslim world. What this company periodically fails to mention is that its food is halal, however the sinister side if this Corydon based company go far deeper than that.

Chicken Cottage is now on this Bloggs ‘don’t buy, don’t advertise’ list, right alongside McDonalds and for the same dark reasons, both restaurants have been feeding halal food to millions of unsuspecting non-muslims and, just as McDonalds funds the IRA Chicken Cottage also has links to both domestic and international terror. Its founder has been linked to wealthy Saudi backers, who intern, are known funders to Islamic terror groups.

The fact that innocent people are being forced to eat halal food is scandalous. In order for food to be considered halal it must be first offered up to the muslim sand god, before its throat is cut and it left to bleed to death, now this backwards practice may have been ok while we were cave men, or amongst foreign barbarian peoples, such as in the muslim lands but in the UK animals for slaughter should be stunned first before being humanely killed, once again the government issues one set of rules for one people and turns a blind eye to an other. ‘The brain is instantaneously starved of blood and there is no time to start feeling any pain,’ Quotes muslim council of Great Britain, well how would they know I wonder? But then again I suppose that if any group of people are to be qualified on throat cutting it would be the muslims!

I’m righting this because I‘m yet to see or heat any of our greasy dreadlocked far left animal liberation friends challenge this un-natural practice, as is to the eternal shame of the left as usual.

Another aspect of this company that I find deeply distasteful is the way it uses advertising to lure in unsuspecting non muslims to eat its foul cursed meat, a trip on the chicken cottage web site will illustrate what I mean. After opening go past the ‘kidz stuff’ propaganda section to the ‘franchise’ section, then click on ‘radio/TV ads’. There are three radio ads you can listen too, THE ONLY ONE THAT MENTIONS THAT THIS FOOD IS HALAL IS THE FIRST ONE WHICH IS IN A FOREIGH LANGUAGE!!! Not only that but the second one and the third adverts use CHRISTIAN FESTIVALS to sell their pagan products!!! As if that wasn’t bad enough the third advert futures three kings and Jesus Christ to sell halal food, I wonder what would happen if I were to open a Christian restaurant and advertise it via a mocking advert of muhammad? The terms Danish cartoons and Trafalgar Square instantly spring to mind. However, even though I am outraged I will do as the good Lord has instructed and turn the other cheek at this blatant attack upon the British way of life.

People we need to be smart, keep our eyes open, Britain is changing and we need to be ever more vigilant of those around us. So I’m asking you all to spread the word, to tell your friends that if they eat at chicken cottage then they are eating cursed chicken that has been sacrificed to the muslim god of sand, chicken that has been tortured to death and that part of their money has gone to fund international and domestic terror. Thanks to Lion Hart for his sterling work on this subject, we have all been warned!!!

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Serf said...

I guess they don't know that Cottaging is a distinctly Non Islamic activity.