Thursday, December 07, 2006

Cameron is a year old today

Well, his tenure as Tory leader is. Like any one year old he is still fumbling around, trying to figure out just what this new world is all about. He had had the odd 'accident', in Cameron's case this is a load of shit photo opportunities and quite horrid incidents of vomit stained flirtings with the Grand High Witch of dumb liberalism, Polly Toynbee.

Every one year old is cooed at by people who don't really know them. Cameron is surely the same. No-one really knows what he is like of how he will turn out, they just see a fresh faced thing with pretty much a blank canvass behind him. This is all about growing up, and at one year old you have not done much of it.

The important years of growth, as anyone will tell you, is between the first and third birthday. By then there should have been some sizable diffences in perception. You should be beginning to think about crawling and then walking and you may just hear a coherant word or two.

Cameron has spent a year being cute and cuddly. People like him and the people who he is with. The BIG challenge for him now is to start growing from a blank canvass to something more substantial. Next year people should like Cameron for what he says, not what he looks like.

After being molly-coddled by PR gurus and spin doctors it is time for the real David Cameron to step forward.

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