Monday, December 11, 2006

Scumbag Labour councillor exposed

I have always enjoyed reading Labour blogs. The level of intellectual reasoning is so dire that it makes me chuckle out loud! As for the sentiments expressed, well let us be frank, they are pretty inconsistent.

However, the prize for biggest twat goes to a nonety from somewhere called Sandwell. His name is Cllr Bob Piper and his drivel-full blog has been running for some time. Readers of this, far superior, website will recall the disgust I showed towards that cringeworthy YouTube contribution from Sion Simon. On this he attempts to lampoon David Cameron's 'Webcameron' site by doing some turd of an effort himself. Cue some desperate attempt to remove the offending video, not before general ridicule from everyone.

I always thought there were more total c*nts in the Labour Party so egotistical to get attention as that prick Simon, and I have been proved right!

It appears as though Cllr Piper thought a spoof of David Cameron's 'Sort It' website (another somewhat tedious effort aimed at highlighting personal debt) displayed on an annonymous blog was worthy of being published on, er, his personal blog.

The spoof shows Cameron under the 'Sort It' banner having been blacked up like a minstrel. Several speech bubbles are illustrated coming out of his mouth phrasing several comments which are very near to the knuckle and, in some cases, outright racist.

He claims that it was a joke and an attempt to highlight Cameron's apparent hypocrisy when it comes to the Tories' attempt to attract black and ethnic voters. The problem is that he is causing the Labour Party some serious headaches of their own. You must remember this. There are countless other examples of how misguided, yet largely innocent, Conservatives have been hounded out of elected office by the hysterical rantings of politically correct Labour and Lib Dem politicians eagre to make a quick political buck.

Labour are now faced with the boot being on the other foot. Will they follow their own sanctimonious lead by suspending this buffoon, or will they do the hypocritical thing and let him get away scot free?

Whatever happens it is so satisfying to see Labour reap what they sow. Political correctness has bitten them on the arse.

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Right is right said...

The guy has now 'retired' from blogging. Perhaps he should have 'retired' from public service if his judgement is so extremely dire.