Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Another Clinton legacy

North Korea have exploded a small plutonium device 800 meters below the surface of a remote forest region in the north west of the country. The region is now beset with panic as the Japs threaten to start investing in a nuclear arms programme of their own. Diplomacy, and the United Nations, has once again utterly and miserably failed. Even China are slowly admitting that they were horribly wrong to support the tyrannical regime in Pyongyang. The world is in near crisis.

Another legacy of President Clinton's disastrous tenure as the leader of the free world.

I can remember seeing the pictures of mad Madeline Albright sipping drinks with the North Korean dictators when she visited as Clinton's Secretary of State. Those pictures made me revile that woman. Whilst she was getting cosy with the top brass in ornately furnished government houses, millions of ordinary Korean peasants were starving to death.

Whilst Clinton was content to prop up this repressive dictatorship President Bush has attempted to take measures to get rid of it. As soon as he entered the White House diplomatic niceties with North Korea ended. The shutters came down.

Some sections of the media, including some scrote-like apologist for these commies I heard on BBC News 24, are accusing the Bush administration of being in some way responsible for North Korea's sabre rattling because they ratcheted up the condemnation of this vile regime. What utter bollocks!

The argument that Kim Jong-Il would somehow cancel his nuclear ambitions indefinitely because Albright gave him a basketball signed by Michael Jordan is, quite honestly, laughable. Bush has decided, to his huge credit, that ordinary people deserve to live with a modocum of human dignity. He should be applauded for drastically altering US foreign policy towards North Korea.

Now we will see a real test of Bush's mettle. My belief is that we should have forcibly removed Mugabe and Kim Jong-Il before we even considered taking of Saddam. With US military resources stretched the armed option is no longer viable. The UN and international community are so weak that their participation in any military adventure would be counterproductive (remember Srebrenica?) so it falls to the economic route of action.

Sanctions will devastate this country's population. An impoverished people will become totally destitute. China will doubtless see a huge influx of North Koreans over their border. But in the long run this might, just might force the leadership into a corner.

Thanks to Clinton-ian policies of the mid 90's any option is likely to be painful. For the evil communist regime in charge, however, difficult days lay ahead. Bush is on their case!

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Clinton was a shit president and will only be remembered for getting a blow job of a fat ugly bird