Thursday, October 12, 2006

Humourless prick

As far as satire goes it was hardly 'Yes Minister'. Labour MP for Birmingham Erdington Sion Simon's attempted piss take of David Cameron's rather novel (and at times totally crap) 'webcameron' idea has backfired in a truly remarkable fashion. If you have not already seen this cretinous effort then click here, but be prepared to wince (it is that bad!).

This guy is a little turd of a man who's face makes me want to physically slap him. He is the typical example of what is bad in politics today. What on earth was this guy trying to prove? What must ordinary voters think their representatives do with their hefty wages paid by them?

I remember reading Sion Simon when he used to write for the News of the World. I actually sighed with relief when the twat told his grateful audience that he was leaving to pursue a political career. My only hope back in 2001 was that he wouldn't try to get into the Conservative Party; I hated the nob that much and couldn't stand the prospect of having to actually defend him if he mad a prat of himself.

This is one really good reason why I'm not too sharp on the premise of the Tories having an 'A' list of visually pleasing, or semi-famous candidates. If Labour can let this little runt slip through the net it is entirely possible the same could happen to us.

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