Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Paul Hunter

I'm sure most people would have heard about snooker star Paul Hunter's battle with cancer by now. Sadly this brave and talented Yorkshireman lost this battle yesterday. I am gutted at the news and by the sheer unfairness of it all.

Here we have a successful sportsman with a young, glamerous wife and lovely baby daughter; the classic young family unit. The guy worked hard, practiced relentlessly and paid his taxes. He hardly had a bad word to say about anyone and was a genuinely good guy.

It riles me that cancer has struck him down in his prime when we have such scum walking our streets in perfect health. Why can paedophiles and muggers live to 80 without doing a stitch of work or paying any taxes? Why can the killers of Damilola Taylor happily draw breath after what they have done? Why can these mad clerics grow old and grey spouting inciteful hatred?

I'm not a religious bloke, though I would like to think there is something omnipitant out there. I cannot, however, believe that religion can be particularly well marketed to those who don't believe in God after this. If I were considering adopting a religion I would have serious second thoughts after considering this news. Can God possibly exist when evil bastards intent on being idle and workshy whilst at the same time raping and mugging can walk the streets until old age when people like Paul Hunter only get to 27?

Depressing, very depressing.

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