Saturday, January 20, 2007

Fast Food Terror

For those of you who don't know, Chicken Cottage is fast food chain selling halal meat and is known as the Muslim fast food restaurant.

I was walking past Chicken Cottage the other day and it was empty (as usual) but then I suddenly notice that they had computers in this branch. I started thinking 'why do they have computers?'. I mean McDonalds doesn't have computers neither does Burger King, KFC or any other fast food company.

It then became obvious to me that the people entering Chicken Cottage and eating the cursed halal meat are Muslim and therefore it is very possible that they are terrorists and they use the computers so they can communicate with their terrorist colleagues without the fear of being traced via the IP address, (a problem these evil people would face if they were using their personal computer).

Lets be honest about this, we live in a dangerous world where these terrorists want to destroy us and then Islamify what is left. We must stop this!! That means, we the decent law abiding citizens of the world must try to put this terrorist organisation out of business. And when you next walk past a branch of Chicken Cottage remember to look in because the person at the computer could be the next Bin Laden.


Anonymous said...

So how do you really know they were terrorists? Maybe you are just a reactionary freak who probably has a BNP membership card in his or her wallet.

Heß said...

That's the problem! I don't know they are terrorists. I wish we lived in the perfect world and no-one committs these awful acts but the fact is that there are terrorists out there.

You have to watch out because they could be anywhere. They could be on the computer in Chicken Cottage, or at the local Mosque, or travelling right now on public transport. Suspect all Muslims because its better safe then dead.

Right is right said...

I think the important thing to consider here is that 100% of those who have committed acts of terrorism, or who have attempted to commit acts of terrorism, in this country have been radical muslims.

The BNP approach is to just summarily kick anyone who subscribes to Islam out of the country. I disagree with that as my corner shop, car mechanic, pizza takeaway and business sub-contractor would all be thrown out without any right of appeal.

I would much rather have the hideous Human Rights Act recinded so we could intern those suspected of wanting to cause terrorist outrages whilst at the same time throwing out those who preach hatred of this country in mosques.